Crossed Roller Bearing

Crossed Roller Bearing

A crossed roller bearing is designed to provide high level of rotational accuracy and rigidity, and in the meanwhile, it is space and material cost saving. This product is able to bear load in every direction as it comes with cylindrical rollers orthogonally arranged between the inner and outer rings.

The crossed roller bearing is widely used in the rotating part of machine tools, medical equipment, and industrial robots, etc. which have high requirement on rotating precision and rigidity.

According to bearing structure, our crossed roller bearings can usually classified into different categories, including the ones coming with cages, isolators, and full roller type ones. The crossed roller bearing coming with a cage or an isolator is suitable for low friction coefficient and high rotation speed uses, and the full roller type bearing is applicable for low rotation speed and heavy load uses. In addition, we can also provide both open type and sealed type bearings. The sealed type one is designed with a synthetic rubber seal ring, thus preventing dust and the leaking of lubricating grease.

As a specialized crossed roller bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide CRBF, CRBH, CRB, CRBC, CRBS series bearings which are ideal for replacing IKO bearings, and RU, RB, RE, RA, RA-C series bearing to replace THK bearings.
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