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Welcome to Luoyang SBI Special Bearing Co., Ltd.

Luoyang SBI Special Bearing Company is a professional thrust bearing manufacturer and supplier, based in China. Here, we operate from a 30,000m2 factory, where we have two bearing-production lines, from which we manufacture a wide variety of slewing bearings, thrust bearings, and other bearings with bores ranging from Φ50mm to Φ5000mm.

    1. Slewing Bearings Slewing bearing is firstly applied in excavators and cranes, and gradually, it is used in other machines. It can carry not only thrust load, but also moment load and radial load.
      As a professional slewing bearing manufacturer in China, we can provide many kinds of slewing bearings, such as four point contact ball slewing bearings with internal gear, four point contact ball slewing bearings with external gear, four point contact ball slewing bearings with flange, triple row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearings, cross roller slewing bearings, and so on.
    1. Slewing Drive A slewing drive is also called slewing gear drive or slewing reducer, etc. It is typically used in aerospace area, solar power systems, wind turbines, satellite broadcasting system, and engineering machinery like truck cranes, and man lifts, etc. Recently years, it has been prosperously used in photovoltaic power generation systems.
      Slewing drives usually come with different applications. For instance, according to the raceway diameter of the slewing ring, a slewing drive can be classified into WD-080, WD-0130, WD-0170, WD-0223, WD-0343, WD-0419, WD-0478, and WD-0625 series, etc.
    1. Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings Roller bearings can carry heavy load. Compared to traditional bearings with case, our full complement cylindrical roller bearings have higher loading capacity. Based on the same width, the roller bearings have smaller radial cross section, so they are space-saving but their rotary speed is lower relatively. All the multi-stage cylindrical roller bearings are designed with a lubrication groove and a lubricating hole on the outer ring.
    1. Crossed Roller Bearing A crossed roller bearing is designed to provide high level of rotational accuracy and rigidity, and in the meanwhile, it is space and material cost saving. This product is able to bear load in every direction as it comes with cylindrical rollers orthogonally arranged between the inner and outer rings.
      The crossed roller bearing is widely used in the rotating part of machine tools, medical equipment, and industrial robots, etc. which have high requirement on rotating precision and rigidity.
    1. YRT Precision Turntable Bearing The YRT SSM Precision Turntable Bearing designed by SBI is a precise axial-radial combined bearing. With an electric survey institution composed to the bearing as a unit ...

Our roller thrust bearings, roller bearings, slewing bearings, thrust bearings, angular contact ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self aligning ball bearings and other bearings are of high quality and reliable performance. They are widely used in industries such as: metallurgy, power, communications, civil aviation, and others.

The advanced design and technology, on-time delivery, and reliable quality of our products have given us a good reputation, both at home and abroad.

Our goal is to provide customers with high-precision slewing bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings, angular contact ball bearings, etc. In order to do this, we've implemented ERP, CAPP, PDM and numerical control systems into our production, and we have strict quality control over every production process, from selection of raw materials to the packaging and sale of the finished products. We also use efficient, effective management, which we have adopted from our partners, who are among the Global 500.

With all these efforts, the qualified rate of our thrust bearings and other bearings has reached 100%, and we passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification in 2000. Some of our products are in accordance with the standards of European countries.

Part of our service to our customers is finding ways to reduce our own costs, so that we can keep our prices low. To do this, we've established long-term, cooperative relationships with raw-material suppliers, adopted advanced technology and equipment and a mass production line. Besides, we use standardized management to maximize the use of our materials and resources. This enables us to supply high quality bearings at the lowest prices.

Our thrust bearings and other bearings have the features of a small radial cross section, compact and simple structure, high load-bearing capacity, reliable performance, low cost, low vibrating noise, and long operating life. They are extensively used in agricultural machinery, textile machinery, foodstuff-processing machinery, conveyors, mining equipment, and other areas.

Our thrust bearings comprise 90% of the market in China, and our bearings are well received by customers in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, America, Argentina, and Brazil.

In addition, we have a special, after-sale service department and a complete service system to provide the best service for our customers. Our professional service staff will help solve any problems quickly and efficiently. Maintenance and exchange service are available during the warranty period.

We are located in Luoyang, which is an important production base for mechanical products in China. We have holding companies in Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian. Here, we have access to convenient transportation, which enables us to offer our customers low-cost shipping of our bearings.

Welcome to Luoyang SBI Special Bearing Company. We sincerely hope that we can provide services for you.
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